About Tosh Lubek


Tosh LubekOpens in a new tab. owns and writes all the articles on DIY Video Studio, an offshoot of Tosh Lubek ProductionsOpens in a new tab., his audio and video production company based in Southwest Scotland.

Tosh has over 40 years of experience in broadcasting as well as audio, video, and TV production. He was part of the Moray Firth Radio, or MFR, start-up team that launched the radio station on the 23rd of February 1982. Tosh is the young guy kneeling on the left and holding a reel of ¼” magnetic recording tape.

MFR start-up team just before we launched the station on Tuesday 23rd Feb 1982
The Moray Firth Start-Up Team (with at Tosh bottom left holding a reel of magnetic tape)

The photo also includes Isabel Fraser, Angela King, Liz TaylorOpens in a new tab., Thomas PragOpens in a new tab. (the Boss), Charlie StuartOpens in a new tab., Gary McLean, Dave Cochrane, Neil Shaw, Rod Webster, and the guy in the dark jumper at the top of the image is Brian AndersonOpens in a new tab. (Programme Controller). When not making commercials, Tosh also hosted a Sunday morning radio programmeOpens in a new tab. called SS2 with Rod Webster. An edition of the programme still exists and can be found on Brian Anderson’s websiteOpens in a new tab.. In the episode, Rod and Tosh invited Scottish folk singer Mary SandemanOpens in a new tab. on to the programme shortly after she’d reached number one in the UK Singles Chart as Aneka, with her single, Japanese BoyOpens in a new tab.. During his time at MFR, Tosh was also the studio engineer of a Scottish folk music album.

After overseeing the Commercial Production studio at Moray Firth Radio, Tosh moved to Northsound RadioOpens in a new tab. in Aberdeen after being offered the position of Commercial Production Manager by Northsound’s Head of Finance, John MartinOpens in a new tab.. As well as making the radio commercials for the station, it was at Northsound that Tosh started to record audio for television advertisements that were then broadcast on Grampian TelevisionOpens in a new tab.. In the next photograph, Tosh Lubek can be seen in Northsound’s Kingsgate Commercial Production studio chatting to Emma GordonOpens in a new tab..

Tosh Lubek with Emma Gordon in the Commercial Production studio at Northsound Radio
Tosh Lubek with Emma Gordon in the Commercial Production studio

A phone call from Sheena BorthwickOpens in a new tab. led to Tosh moving to Ayr as a management team member of West SoundOpens in a new tab. (Ayr), West FMOpens in a new tab. (Ayr), and South West SoundOpens in a new tab. (Dumfries). It was at West Sound that Tosh created several award-winning promotional campaigns, including A77 Guardian Angel Campaign that won the Gold Sony Promo Award at the 23rd Sony Radio Academy AwardsOpens in a new tab. ceremony, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London in May 2005. The following year Tosh Lubek wrote and produced “Home Front : Ayrshire War Time Memories” at West Sound a half-hour programme that won a New York Festivals Awards World Medal and was a finalist for the ArqivaOpens in a new tab. Programme or Feature of the Year Award.

In 2010, Tosh set up Tosh Lubek Productions, producing radio and TV commercials, plus online and training videos. For example, News UK and Ireland asked Tosh to produce radio advertorials for ASDA. They featured Scottish food suppliers, including Albert Bartlett and Malcolm Allan Foods. The following pair of images show Gordon AllanOpens in a new tab., Director at Malcolm Allan FoodsOpens in a new tab. (left), and Richard Allison, Commercial Director of Albert Bartlett’s Scotty BrandOpens in a new tab. during the recording sessions at their factories.

Recording radio advertorials with Gordon Allan, Director at Malcolm Allan Foods (left), and Richard Allison, Commercial Director of Albert Bartlett's Scotty Brand.
Recording radio advertorials. Left: Gordon Allan. Right: Richard Allison

Tosh’s clients have included:

Tosh uses voiceover artists from across the UK and North America in his commercials and videos. An example is Julie LoveOpens in a new tab., who has provided her voice for both radio ads and online videos.

Here is an example of a TV commercial produced by Tosh Lubek in collaboration with Adworks for Andrew Wright Windows.

Tosh Lubek has also provided audio and video production skills training at Ayrshire College of Commerce and at Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce.

Presenting smartphone video training at Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce
Tosh Lubek & Ken McGaffin presenting smartphone video training at Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

In 2015 Tosh collaborated with Ken McGaffin to create the popular online video training courses on Udemy, Budget Video ProductionOpens in a new tab., and iPhone Video Production EssentialsOpens in a new tab..

Online course Budget Video Production is available on Udemy.com
Budget Video Production” training course on Udemy.com

Tosh remains an active trainer, while Ken officially retired in 2022, becoming a trusteeOpens in a new tab. of the River Garden charity. After starting the online courses, Tosh created DIYVideoStudio.com, writing all the articles and recording the videos for the DIY Video Studio YouTube channelOpens in a new tab.. As a side project, Tosh also created KitchenAcorns.com, a cookery website, making use of cooking skills he learned from his mother.

Tosh has also been the video sponsor at many business trade shows and conferences across the UK, organised by HashTag EventsOpens in a new tab.. Delegates and exhibitors can record an elevator pitch or short corporate video in the temporary video studio.

Tosh Lubek filming at Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show
Tosh Lubek filming at Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show in Edinburgh
Tosh Lubek filming Lateef Badat in the video booth at EXPO North West in Blackburn
Tosh Lubek filming Lateef BadatOpens in a new tab. in the video booth at EXPO North West

You can also find out more at the Tosh Lubek Productions websiteOpens in a new tab.. For the DIY Video Studio website T&C page please click here.