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Hello and Welcome

Hi. I’m Tosh Lubek and welcome to the DIY Video Studio About page.

DIY Video Studio is an offshoot of Tosh Lubek ProductionsOpens in a new tab., an audio and video production company based in South West Scotland. We produce radio and TV commercials for a wide range of local and national customers, as well as online promotional and training videos.

In 2019 we created several 60sec radio advertorials for ASDA, a UK subsidiary of Walmart. They featured Scottish food suppliers, including Albert Bartlet and Malcolm Allan Foods.

Recording radio advertorials. Left: Gordon Allan. Right: Richard Allison
Recording radio advertorials. Left: Gordon Allan. Right: Richard Allison

We also teach clients how to make their own videos in a range of face-to-face seminars and online courses.

My professional background

I’m a multi-award-winning broadcaster, writer, and video production specialist. I’ve worked with radio and TV broadcasters, advertising agencies, and direct clients for over thirty years.

Filming a Television commercial for a childrens toy product
Filming a television commercial for STV2

My professional work includes the following.

  • Radio and Television advertising
  • Online video production
  • Radio and video presentation
  • Corporate videos
  • Awards ceremony motion graphics & video production
  • Radio program production
  • Audiobook production
  • Children’s audio storybooks
  • Theme park sound design
  • Client video production training
  • Online video course production
  • Multimedia CD production
  • Church videos

I’ve even recorded a Scottish folk music album while working at Moray Firth RadioOpens in a new tab. in Inverness back in 1983.

In the 1980s I produced “Going To The Flickers” at Aberdeen Arts CentreOpens in a new tab.. It was a recreation of the movie-going experience during the silent era of cinema.

Before setting up my own production company I worked in Broadcasting as a producer and occasional presenter at various Scottish commercial radio stations. These included Moray Firth Radio, West Sound, Northsound Radio, and West FM. Since setting up on my own I have produced for Central FM, Kingdom FM, Irvine Beat, and Scottish Sun Radio.

Currently, I work with local and national clients on radio, TV, and video production projects. My clients have included:

  • Local government
  • The National Trust for Scotland
  • The National Health Service
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Scottish Television
  • News UK & Ireland
  • The General Teaching Council for Scotland
  • Ayrshire and Fife Chambers of Commerce
  • Advertising and design agencies
  • Local and regional businesses
  • Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce
  • Fife Chamber of Commerce

Here is one of my TV commercials, made in collaboration with AdworksOpens in a new tab., an Ayrshire-based full-service advertising agency. It is currently being shown on Sky TV.

Online and face-to-face video training

Live training workshops

I provide video training to direct clients and at specially organized sessions at business organizations such as the Ayrshire Chamber of CommerceOpens in a new tab..

Presenting smartphone video training at Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce
Presenting smartphone video training at Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

We’re now in the third year of presenting video production training within Ayrshire Chamber’s Business Boost program. The ever-popular workshop, Take and Edit Business Videos on a Smart Phone, has been rated as Very Good by students.

I have also lectured at Aberdeen College and Ayr College, sharing my knowledge of audio and radio commercial production.

Online video production courses

Online course Budget Video Production is available on Udemy.com
The online course “Budget Video Production” is available on Udemy.com

Some of what you will find here is based on my popular Udemy video courses Budget Video ProductionOpens in a new tab., and iPhone Video Production EssentialsOpens in a new tab., co-instructed with Ken McGaffin. Budget Video Production has been a Udemy Best Seller and is also rated number 7 in the Best Video Production Courses Online for MarketersOpens in a new tab. on the JA Directives website.

Award-winning producer

I have won numerous awards for my work. As Head of Creative Services at West Sound and West FM in South West Scotland, I wrote and produced the A77 Campaign. It was a Radio Academy AwardsOpens in a new tab. Gold Sony winner in the UK. And a Gold and Bronze World Medal winner in the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards. The A77 campaign was also a winner in the UK VOX Awards.

The following year my Grim Reaper Campaign for the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service was a Silver World Medal winner in New York.

While the above awards were for commercial or promotional work, I also won awards for my program work. I wrote and produced Home Front – Ayrshire Wartime Memories a half-hour program that won a New York Festivals TV & Film Awards World Medal. It was also a finalist for the ArqivaOpens in a new tab. Programme or Feature of the Year Award.

Most recently, my radio work has been shortlisted for The Sandford St Martins Trust Religious Programme Awards and The Jerusalem Awards. These radio programs were collaborations with the Rev. Kenneth ElliotOpens in a new tab. of Prestwick South Parish Church.

Kenneth and I have also produced a mini-series called “Myths, Miracles, and Mystery” for Christmas. We took a different angle on the Christmas Nativity Story. We ask what is the truth and what is a myth.

Our follow-up series was for Easter 2020. We completed the programs on the morning of 23rd March, and by the end of the day the country was in lockdown for the pandemic. However, it was not long before I was recording Bible readings remotely for Kenneth’s online services.

Tosh Lubek and Kenneth Elliot, finalists at the Jerusalem Awards at BAFTA

Conferences and Business Shows

Tosh Lubek filming at Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show
Tosh Lubek filming at Scottish Social Media and Marketing Show

I regularly appear at business trade shows and conferences across the UK. Tosh Lubek Productions and DIY Video Studio sponsor the HashTag EventsOpens in a new tab. video studio at these events across the UK. These include events like the Milton Keynes Business Show, the Forth Valley Business ShowOpens in a new tab., EXPO ScotlandOpens in a new tab., EXPO North West, and Scottish Networking ShowOpens in a new tab..

Delegates and exhibitors can record elevator pitch or short corporate videos with me in the temporary video studio.

Tosh Lubek filming Lateef Badat in the video booth at EXPO North West in Blackburn
Tosh Lubek filming Lateef Badat in the video booth at EXPO North West

No two venues are the same. So I’ve therefore learned a great deal from overcoming the challenges of filming in hotels, conference centers, and soccer stadiums. I have added that knowledge to this site for the benefit of others who are starting out on the video production road. Hopefully, my readers will learn how they can create their own home or office video studio from my experience.

Visitors to HashTag Business Events around the UK can make a free 30sec elevator pitch video with me.

To attend any of the forthcoming HashTag Business Events make sure you register in advance. So check the list of conferences and business shows staged by HashTag Business Events hereOpens in a new tab..

Church Videos

I have worked with Castlehill Parish ChurchOpens in a new tab. in Ayr, Scotland, on their church videoOpens in a new tab.. It was created to help attract a new minister to lead the church and proved successful with Rev. Paul Russell taking on the charge at the end of the summer of 2019.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I recorded bible readings for the weekly Sunday services for Prestwick South ChurchOpens in a new tab.. The church services are on the Prestwick South Craigie SymingtonOpens in a new tab. YouTube channel. Within a few weeks of the start of the lockdown, I was recording Bible readings as audio and then video clips in my backyard. Except for a short period when I was hospitalized, I was able to contribute to Rev. Kenneth Elliott’s online ministry for most of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Personal interests

I have a wide range of interests

  • Science (studied Physics at Loughborough University of Technology in the late 70s and early 80s)
  • Astrophysics and Mathematical modeling (Open University)
  • I have a Diploma in Physics from the Open University
  • Amateur Astronomy (Variable Star observationOpens in a new tab. with the BAA)
  • Gold prospecting (Scotland’s Southern Uplands and the Grampians)
  • Freshwater and beach angling
  • Prehistoric recumbent stone circles
  • Medieval history
  • Early cinema and animation
  • Home winemaking & brewing
  • Cooking

What’s DIY Video Studio About?

This website is dedicated to making your own website and YouTube videos at home or in the office. Or if you’re the outdoors type, we can help you improve the look and sound of your location videos.

If you thought DIY Video Studio is a website full of videos about DIY projects, I’m sorry, you’re going to be disappointed. The DIY part of DIY Video Studio means we concentrate on showing you how to make your own videos.

You’ll find articles about setting up your own home or office video studio, what studio lighting you should use, what you can do to record good audio, and a whole lot more.

So this website is about how you can make your videos look and sound great WITHOUT getting a professional video production company to make the videos for you.

DIY Video Studio is where I share what I have learned about TV and video production, plus my extensive knowledge of audio production.

My readers will discover how they can make professional-looking videos at home, in their office, or at their client’s premises.

I have also included material on this website from the curriculum I teach college students and my media coaching clients across the UK.

In tandem with the DIY Video Studio website, I have created the DIY Video Studio YouTube channelOpens in a new tab..

You can follow DIY Video Studio on TwitterOpens in a new tab. or the Tosh Lubek Productions Facebook pageOpens in a new tab. and LinkedInOpens in a new tab.. You can also find out more at the Tosh Lubek Productions websiteOpens in a new tab..

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