Microphone Audio Quality Boost: Simple Tips for YouTubers & Streamers

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Author: Tosh Lubek Published: 7th May 2024

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Do you want to make your microphone sound AMAZING?

In this video I’ve packed plenty of actionable tips to help YouTubers and streamers improve their microphone audio quality.

Learn about the correct mic direction and distance. What pop filters to use. Why your recording environment matters. What’s the best thing to do with the desktop mic stand that comes with your budget microphone. And MORE!

PLUS: Discover a hidden trick to avoid boosting microphone hiss!

Here’s what you’ll learn:πŸ‘‡

🎀 How to choose the right microphone direction (end-address vs side-address)

🎀 Ideal microphone placement for clear audio

🎀 Using pop filters to eliminate vocal pops (Ps & Bs)

🎀 Creating a quiet recording environment (or DIY voice booth!)

🎀 Why desktop mic stands might be hurting your sound quality

🎀 Using microphone stands and shock mounts for better isolation

🎀 The TRUTH about XLR to USB cables (and a better solution)

🎀 How to avoid boosting microphone hiss during editing

Who is this video for?

  • Gamers
  • Streamers
  • YouTubers
  • Podcasters
  • and anyone who wants to sound professional!

I hope you enjoy the video. Now, press that play button and let’s get into this!

If you want any of the items I mention in this video, or the equipment I use when recording the videos please check out the description of this video.

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About the author: Tosh Lubek is a multi-award-winning broadcaster, writer, and video producer, with 40 years of experience in professional broadcasting and has been using Canon video and stills cameras since 2010. He has worked with radio and TV broadcasters, advertising agencies, and direct clients on a variety of projects including radio and television advertising, online video production, corporate videos, award ceremony motion graphics, and theme park sound design. Tosh has won numerous awards, including a Radio Academy Awards Gold Sony, a Gold, Silver, and Bronze World Medals in the New York Festivals International Advertising Awards. Since about 2007 he has been creating YouTube videos. Tosh has been a sponsor of the “video booth” at HashTag Business Events across the UK.

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