Umbrella Studio Lighting Kit for Beginners

Umbrella photography light

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Emart 600W Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

The Emart 600W Umbrella Continuous lighting kit is an excellent starter lighting kit for video or photography. However, don’t expect pro-grade durability or super bright performance. But you will get a lighting kit that will allow you to gain video lighting experience, without spending a whole heap of money.

What’s in the box

  • 3x 45W daylight CFL bulbs
  • Total equivalent power 600W
  • Bulb CRI: about 80-85
  • 3x bulb holders
  • 2x 33-inch Black/Silver Reflector Umbrella
  • 2x 33-inch Translucent White Umbrella
  • 2x 83-inch light stand
  • 1x 33-inch light stand
  • 1x bulb carry case
  • 1x kit carry case

DIY Video Studio review

An umbrella kit is an ideal start in video lighting and this kit gives you two types of umbrellas to try. Use the translucent shoot-through umbrellas to throw soft light on your subject. The inevitable light-spill with umbrella lights can be a bonus and help illuminate the area and background around your subject.

For more directional soft light swap the shoot-through umbrellas with the black/silver reflector umbrellas. However, you will still get some light-spill.

If you are a video novice, or just need to illuminate a small area, these lights will be fine. Note that the CFL bulbs are not dimmable. And at 45W each, the brightness is just enough to light one or two people. However, if you need more light, replace the bulbs with higher power CFL or LED bulbs. Emart says the bulb holders can take up to 105 Watt bulbs.

If you decide you want more control of where you place the light you could swap the umbrellas for softbox hoods. I’ve done that myself with a Neewer 32 inch Octagonal Softbox.

The carry case is OK and works, but don’t expect it to be divided into compartments or have padding. There is a separate case for the bulbs, which is a nice touch.

The lights stands are of aluminum alloy tube and plastic construction so they are light-weight.

The power cords are about 9-ft long (from the bulb holder) so you’ll probably want to get extension cords and a power strip.

The CFL bulbs are 45W on a voltage of 110V. Together they are the equivalent 600W of incandescent bulbs. They are daylight rated at 5500K and have a CRI (Color Rendition Index) of about 80-85. The CRI is OK but bulbs with a CRI of 90 and higher will give more natural-looking skin tones.


So would I get this umbrella lighting kit?

If I were a novice wanting to get some video lighting experience or someone who is only going to shoot a few videos then sure I would buy this kit.

You actually get a lot for your money in this kit at an affordable price. So you can inexpensively try out a new hobby or side hustle. The only other thing you need to get started is a camera and you probably already have one in the form of a smartphone.

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