Zoom H4n Power Supply: Zoom AD-14 5V DC Power Adapter

Zoom H4n Power Supply Zoom AD-14 5V DC Power Adapter

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Are you looking for a replacement Zoom AD-14 power supply for an H4n or H4n Pro handy recorderOpens in a new tab. (as well as many other Zoom products)? If yes, you’ve come to the right place, since this webpage has all the information you need to get the Zoom H4n power Supply specs and a new and genuine Zoom H4n power supply. Unlike some big brand manufacturers, Zoom hasn’t added a large premium to the price of their H4n/H4n Pro power supply. So, buying a genuine Zoom power adapter will only cost slightly more than a cheap compatible power supply. I’d rather pay the extra few dollars to know that the device is safe and will make my handy recorder work as Zoom intended.

The AD-14 power adapter provides a 5V and 1A DC output for the H4n and H4n Pro. It has the correct type of barrel connector that can be inserted into the DC power connecter on the base of the handy recorder. Please note that even if you find a replacement power supply with a DC barrel connecter that fits, the center and sleeve must have the correct polarity. Here’s the best deal I’ve found for the Zoom AD-14 power supply on Amazon.

Zoom AD-14 AC Adapter, 5V AC Power Adapter Designed for Use with H4n, H4n…
  • AC Adapter for: H4N , R16 , Q3 Compatible with: AR-48, AR-96, H4n, H4n Pro, PodTrak P8, Q3, Q3HD,…
  • Rated Input: AC100 – 240V
  • Rated Output: DC5V / 1A (center positive)

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If you don’t know what the AD-14 power supply looks like, here’s Zoom’s own unboxing video for the product.

If you watched the video, you will have seen that you plug the adapter into a wall socket and the DC power connector into the DC input on the base of the recorder. Once connected and the H4n/H4n Pro has booted you’ll notice there’s no battery indicator in the top right corner of the LCD screen. That’s because, with the power adapter connected, you can record for an unlimited amount of time, or at least until your SD card is full.

Zoom H4n and H4n Pro Power Supply Specs

The Zoom AD-14 AC power adapter can be connected to a range of input voltages that are either 50Hz or 60Hz AC supplies, producing a 5V DC output. The polarity of the DC power connecter is Sleeve: Negative, Tip/Center: Positive. Here are the full AD-14 power supply specs.

  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Input Current (max): 0.3A
  • Input supply frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 5V DC
  • Output Current: 1A
  • Cable length: 57-inches (145cm)
  • DC power connecter: Barrel type 4.0mm x 1.7mm with center polarity positive

Zoom AD-14 AC Power Adapter Compatible Devices

The Zoom AD-14 AC power adapter is designed for use with the Zoom H4n and H4n Pro portable recorders, however, it is also compatible with a range of other Zoom products. The full list of compatible products includes the following:

  • Zoom H4n 4-Track Handy Recorder (discontinued)
  • Zoom H4n Pro
  • Zoom PodTrak P8 Podcast Recorder
  • UAC-2 USB 3.0 Audio Interface
  • Zoom ARQ AR48
  • Zoom ARQ AR-96
  • Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder (discontinued)
  • Q3 Handy Video Recorder (discontinued)
  • Zoom R16
  • Zoom R24

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Zoom H4n Pro be powered from USB?

The Zoom H4n handy recorder has limited functionality if it receives DC power from a computer through the recorder’s mini-USB port. However, the Zoom H4n/H4n Pro can be powered by a power bank or AC wall outlet adapter if it is connected to the DC power socket on the base of the recorder. A special USB to DC power cable. For details of the necessary cable see my article, How to Power a Zoom H4n Recorder with a Power Bank.

How do I power my Zoom H4n Pro?

A Zoom H4n/H4n Pro handy recorder can be powered by batteries, a Zoom AD-14 AC power adapter, or from a USB power source.

Does H4n have phantom power?

Yes, the H4n and H4n Pro does have phantom power. For full details of how to use it see my article: Does Zoom H4n Have Phantom Power and XLR Mic Input.

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